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The Screen Guild Theater was a popular dramatic anthology series broadcast from 1939 until 1952 on CBS and NBC. In its 13 year long run on the air, a handful of leading Hollywood actors and actresses, such as, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Eddie Cantor, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis performed in the program's adaptations of popular motion pictures.

The Screen Guild Theater started its first year with a variety format. Performances included comedy skits, stunts, and musicals. The lack of a focus and theme resulted in the poor rating the first year regardless of the presence of many high-profiled stars.

There are 108 shows in our collection! Date Aired
First Show January 8, 1939
Variety Review 4 February 26, 1939
A Review May 28, 1939
Imperfect Lady October 1, 1939
Variety October 8, 1939
None Shall Part Us October 15, 1939
Going My Way November 5, 1939
Smiling Through December 17, 1939
Blue Bird December 24, 1939
The Petrified Forest January 7, 1940
This Lonely Heart January 14, 1940
I Met Him In Paris February 4, 1940
Blind Alley February 25, 1940
Ninotchka April 21, 1940
Red Dust October 6, 1940
Private Lives October 13, 1940
Variety October 20, 1940
History is Made at Nig November 10, 1940
Allergic to Ladies November 24, 1940
No Time for Comedy February 9, 1941
Altar Bound February 23, 1941
Jane Eyre March 2, 1941
Variety Show March 9, 1941
My Love Came Back March 16, 1941
My Favorite Wife March 23, 1941

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